Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Breaking the cocoon.

'Mamzelle - Samantha Rochard
There has been a surge of appreciation for things with wings. Butterflies, Dragonflies, fairies, angels have been at the forefront of human "likes" these past couple of years. Funny how an image can come to represent the change that the human psyche is undergoing.

We see the transformation going on all around us.  Oh the images were here first, the Dragonflies, the butterflies...the angels...almost like a warning of what was to come. We were sleeping in our cocoons before. This period, this period of seeming chaos and upheaval seems to mark the period where we are stretching our cocoon and testing to see where the skin will tear. We, human kind is fed up of the restrictions we feel. We all wish to fly, but things are not quite right.

Our definitions and our models for things in this world that have been set over the centuries no longer serve us. All the models, the spiritual, the economic, the relationship, the governance and the education model no longer serve us. They are restricting us now, and we are tearing away at the old skin to reveal a larger, better world.

There is more focus on the "me." But there is also focus on the "Good of All". More persons are looking at the greater good. More persons are less willing to accept the status-quo, and are demanding that the world's resources are shared among all. There are less people who will sit by while large corporations, and governments exert unfair pressure on the little people. We are rejecting the old formats, and demanding that new ones be created.

What ever the strength of our wings at the end of this tumultuous time I hope that we will find our new selves, and the transcendence that is taking place would bring a significant measure of change in the lives of all the world's people.

Watch it..... this is the transcendence which was spoken about....this is human kind changing their vibration. We will no longer tolerate greed, disparity, ignorance, discrimination or any practice which puts only some at an advantage.

For the greater Happiness of all........

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