Sunday, February 17, 2013


Netherworld - Celtic Crystal
..And yes I paint. Not sure how other artists will take this but I have three distinct styles. What you see here is what alter ego Celtic Crystal creates. Magicka.....that's her thing.

Also been working on 100 Lotus Flowers.....Check Link Here

The project is an aid through a transitional phase. There is much emotional wrangling and soul searching happening. Just when I think things have settled down, the Uranus Magick energy carries it forward. Should I do a banishment to stop the flow I wonder? I fear though that I may get stuck in a hangman like feeling by forcing a stop.

Still going through tests where income, relationships and career are concerned. But every day things feel more coherent, and those things which do not fit well will slap me in the back of the head and say."Hey deal with me! Are you keeping me or not??"

Like a rolling wave I rise and fall again....

Blessed Be

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