Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mad-capped Witch

Hello Everyone......I am Celtic Crystal....just thought I'd reintroduce myself. Celtic Crystal is an alter ego which allows me to explore this side of myself without having to face the wrath of family member in this tiny island I live on. Such explorations, if made public, may result in uncomfortable circumstances for me and my family. We are a very superstitious nation, and there is the possibility of being rejected, kicked out of schools and losing it will be perceived that we practice "obeah" or are in league with Satan.
What is the attraction to me? Well the chance to be exposed to mind expanding concepts and other aspects of esoteric culture...if there is such a thing.

This path has taken my mind, uprooted me from the boring closet reality and given me tools to cope with quite a lot of today's issues. Because of witchcraft, Western mystery traditions and all the other etc's that I delve into; my ability to cope with life's challenges is like a balloon bobbing through the air observing all that goes on around me. I still get panic attacks, I still have mood swings, but now I have the tools to recognize them, and to stop them in their tracks!
A very very great coping mechanism this has been.

I must point out though....I get bored very easily, and as soon as I recognize the patterns in a topic, it quickly becomes stale...and I need to move on.

Still on the theme of Witchy-ness I shall begin to explore new types of " witchy Living" in the realm of home decor and housing...... because my journey is soon to take me to a new abode...and I am going to have to create my space.\Call it research into visual imagery.....
Hope you will continue the journey with me.

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Dessa Wolf said...

Nice to "meet" you, Celtic Crystal. I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog.