Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work with Hestia

I have been working with Hestia lately as mentioned in a previous blog post. I usually have a goal in mind when I select a goddess, and in this case I wanted to marry both home-making skills and hospitality. I work in bar, and needed to sharpen my ability to keep customers happy. Hestia was the perfect choice, as invoking her would focus my mind on those two goals.

 So its been about four months now with her energies top of mind, and I always mention the results. I finally got a new home, which I am making comfortable for my family. At work I have become meticulous about making things look pleasant and comfortable for patrons of the bar. There is more to be done, but I was certainly driven to do it.

Hestia's energy though; is beholden to no man. Here is where I find a conflict. the sense of obligated to no man, yet, cares for all. This is an area where I am watching closely for any elements similar to those energies.


Celtic Crystal said...

An update....those energies are leading me down a path of independence. I am going to have to go it on my own for a while. I am unable to do so immediately, but this is necessary for personal growth. Giving my self time to gather up my needs before I make my move.

Levine Jo French said...

Men are necessary, true, but you don't need a guy to prove you're worth. Be you-the fabulous YOU!