Saturday, April 7, 2012

Three Tim Burton Movies for 2012

Dark Shadows 2012 Trailer

Tim Burton expands his horizons with a twist on the Dark Shadows Series....its a comedy!!!!
Johnny Depp and Tim Burton always always get me excited.....and two of them in one movie.......(shudders with pleasure).

This year I shall be in the creative ones are delivering a mighty fine three course meal.....check out the other two Tim Burton Movies below.!

Another Tim Burton mind stretcher:
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter- Tim Burton Movie.

Just from the trailer I can see that this is Burton's attempt to expand his comfort zone, creatively speaking. I am sure I will enjoy this. I shall sit and eagerly look for signs of his trade mark elements.

Frankenweenie Trailer

Check out this cartoon that Disney (who really is branching out into new and creative projects) has backed. Tim Burton's Frankenweenie has remnants of his early style.

Compare it to one of his first attempts at animation :Tim Burton's Vincent

I think I will be in Heaven this year!

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