Friday, April 20, 2012

Freedom of Spirit

As I trundle along on my broomstick ride I sometimes get into a conversation that seems to interest many many people. There is the argument that forming a governing body for this movement labelled Witchcraft, Wicca, New Age practices will give us more political clout among the wider public and allow us to demand rights and equal treatment and respect among our peers.

I can agree that it would. But at what price? It seems to me that the human condition will eventually lead this movement; if organized, into something that is exactly the opposite of what makes it so attractive to people now.

People who are discovering whatever you want to label this movement......feel a sense of spiritual freedom. No one is hanging a book over their heads and telling them" This is what you must believe!"
The journey is very personal, and- as I always maintained- moves along the individual's path in the direction suited for the individual's spiritual development.

Forming an organizing body, will send a dictate, however formal or informal to persons practicing. The dictate may directly or in directly streamline the practice into a one-size-fits all faith. This is exactly what we are trying to remove ourselves from in the other religions.

For the best exploration of this debate, and the advantages and disadvantages of formal training, eclectic training; refer to "The Study of Witchcraft" by Deborah Lipp.

Lets leave this practice as fluid as we discovered it. I believe it is best for our Spiritual Evolution.


zularthur said...

For quite a while now, I've refrained from adding to this topic because, well, I agreed wholeheartedly, so could add little new except saying 'amen'.

Recent understanding, however, has nudged me into offering an opinion for consideration. The understanding, that has been impressed and re-impressed on me since reading this, is the genuine need for a non-dogmatic standardization of knowledge or at least the arriving at a consensus on certain matters to be considered historical, cultural or metaphysical.

It can be argued that although one is to remain free to chart one's course, there is the need for landmarks so one does not become lost and injurious so.

If a foundation or core of the basics can be achieved, which can be cross-referenced with acceptable and reputable external sources, and is decidedly open to edition where justified, also by consensus, then not only would there be the beginnings of a system that would legitimately require the administrations of a ministry, but there would be some validation of the substance inherent in the pagan community.

In other words, this would show that we have here on this earth not just a bunch of off-centered willy-nilly hunters of whatever esoteric mumbo-jumbo that makes them feel good, but millennia of accumulative human wisdom and beneficial experience taking its form in an organized, authenticated and easily accessible medium for the service of mankind.

I cannot here speak of the multiple social administrative benefits which I'm sure will automatically arise in mandates of inauguration, or, as hinted at, the need for a proper internal-affairs monitoring body that no agency can safely exist without to keep them from crossing certain lines. But debate on these things will no doubt follow if the need for existence in the first place can be established.

Celtic Crystal said...

I hear your point and I understand. A foundation is important for you to have grounding. Kinda like learn the techniques, then proceed to break all the rules in finding your own style...hmmmmm