Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Clearing is needed

Aclearing needs to be done. I see signs of blockages in my life. I see the inability to connect with my higher mind. I see money owed to me and not flowing, and I see most of all a slight stagnation in the direction of my mind, and an inability to focus or feel settled.

At a time like this it is time for a cleansing. Usually I would clean out the house, and ritually cleanse with all four elements....however, since I reside in a house that is not can I?
How does one do a cleansing of one's space, when one has no space. The clutter around me is choking and I know this needs to be done.

I wish to do it either on the dark moon, or the last day of the year. I cannot go into the year with such baggage..... I need to clear my mind and think of an idea.


Anonymous said...

Love, all you need to do is cleanse your "safe space". Your mind is everything... Just mentally block everything else out.. clear out your 'safe space' of all the clutter.. keep only what you need to any give the rest to charity. you will feel much better :)

Celtic Crystal said...

As welll, I agree....sometimes the physical space clearing helps with the mental space clearing and I always liked to start there. I am working on the mental space clearing. Its a few months of clutter and baggage that I allowed people to heap on me. I must be careful in the future how I allow loved ones to offload their "problems" on me and expect me to help them bear the burden.

I prefer to "teach how to create the change, rather than conjure up the change for them" and I have just been doing their work.....
Thanks for the brain jolt.
A reminder.... :)