Monday, October 31, 2011

The need for Power over others

If I led a coven (which I have no intention of doing) and a young recruit came to me I would ask,"Why do you wish to be a witch?"

Should anyone reply : "To gain power over my enemies!" I would reply to them.." Sadly, your enemies have already won!"

A disturbing report to run on Samhain.... a report on teenaged depression which indicated that students in South Trinidad admitted to performing witchcraft to have power over their enemies. I often wonder why teenagers are power obsessed..... and lament at the Hollywood perception that witches can gain power over their enemies.

I wish that such misconceptions would stop. Time perhaps...... only time.


Nazireh Reis said...

Where did you see this report? Very interesting...and I think teenagers do stuff like this because many of them lack strong support network, whether it is peer networks or domestic networks. They need mentors and encouragement to be themselves.

Celtic Crystal said...

You have a point there. It was in Monday's Guardian. Just a brief one-liner..the report was about teenage depression in our schools.