Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That old familiar feeling

There is a particular quality around me these days that is so familiar. I am staying at relatives until I can find a place. But the feeling in this house is so familiar. Funny, I had a dream the other day where the three individuals in the house were represented as three lions. Not regal lions leading the heard, but lions so gripped by hunger that they attacked any one indiscriminately who looked like they could provide them with the food they crave.

The three minds are tied up in themselves, one tied by fear, one tied by a religion, and one tied by fears and rules placed upon that mind by the other two. It is very very painful to watch.
Because of the energy reverberating from these three, which permeates throughout the house, my muse has chosen to stay away. It is as if the very house itself  is one large mental trap with all their fears seeping through its very core. I look around at the animals and their reaction as well. The birds don't come near it, the dragonflies die near it.
The focus of the individuals in the house has the strongest personality seeking evil in everything and everyone. There is always a negative story to tell. So much resentment, so much fear, so much "look out for this or that."
The other mind supports the fears and quietly stand by, and the third, poor soul, is almost driven to madness and depression by these negative thoughts.
I am shielding everyday.
Hmmm.... Sun Magick for strength of character and dragonfly or butterfly magick for escape may help.

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