Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Freedom Of Worship - Today's Celebration

Today is Spiritual / Shouter Baptiste Liberation Day on my island. It is a holiday that celebrates the freedom of a people to worship as they see fit. This group has been hounded by authorities in the past. It was illegal to hold flowers, candles or gather to worship with this form of expression. A few years back, the government finally revised the laws that prevented the people from this freedom of worship. Soon they will be given a school for members of their faith.

You would think that in this country, where our multi ethnic and multi belief backgrounds merge; that tolerance would be high. Sadly it is not so. The undercurrent mumblings of the people still speak to distrust based on your flavour of worship. Mainstream religions whisper in the back rooms about the danger of the other. Families commenting among themselves why the neighbor is not to be trusted : "Dey does put ting in dey food. Dey go give yuh a spirit!"

Our colonial minds still cannot fathom that God is All, of many names; and it is our desire to connect to the ALL that acts like an instinct; and can connect our mind with so many channels to choose from. Whatever name we call HIM/HER/ THEM....our minds register the same euphoric feeling. Whether we talk in tongues or dance to the drum, or face east and pay homage; or light our candles, deyas, incense........we connect with ALL.

So... to the woman who got evicted from her apartment because she worships OGUN, this day is for you.
For the young lady who got thrown out of her mother's house because she follows a Wiccan path, this day is for you.

For the Hindu family, whose Born Again Christian neighbors refuse to come to your puja thanksgiving; this day is for you.

For the charismatic group who puts fear of different faiths into the hearts of your followers, this day is for you too.
For all of you who distance yourselves from another because their god has a different name, I hope you learn tolerance, and understanding. One day you may be in the minority, and you would want people to judge your heart, not the way you worship (or don't worship)!

Blessed Be.

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