Sunday, January 23, 2011

Drawing Down the Moon

Mother Moon - Samantha Rochard -
Windy whisperings from the trees,
They speak to us this night,
Leaves a rustling in the breeze
The full moon time is right.

We ask a boon and seek our fate
The Goddess hears our call
The circle's energy is great
No harm, only good for all.

The elements they lead us,
And dance around our ring.
Fire, Earth, Air, Water is
the cycle that we sing

And see the full moon's energy
It gives us all its power
It fills our magick circle
And we're given what is ours

Now charged by yet another moon
We thank God and Goddess dear
For this we have our sacred boon,
Cast thirteen times a year.

21st January 2011 - By Celtic Crystal


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