Sunday, December 12, 2010

Witch News/Pagan News

Was searching for news related to Pagan Happenings or Witchy News internationally. You know...something along the lines of events, studies, breakthroughs in magickal discussions, general happenings among the pagan community.

Unfortunately all I find are negatives. The mainstream media still follows the stereotypically "shock and horror and awfullness associated with witchcraft and practice.
What was found here:

was all negative, still showing the fear that the world has of Witches. Is there a site?
I know Witchvox, but it is less news, and more essays about persons living in the craft........ If anyone has a link...point it out to me please.


FeatherStone said...

This is a link to a wiccan blog based in North America, that focuses on related news that are mostly positive.

Rev.Sammi Diamond Aldrich said...

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Yule..:) Blessed Be Sister!