Saturday, November 6, 2010


One of my favourite festivals which is celebrated here is Divali.
On the darkest night of the year (Dark Moon night) the Hindu community light little lamps to commemorate the return of a son, many many years ago. There is more to the festival, I just don't feel confident that I know enough of the story to blog it....but I will find out.

So last night I visited a friend's home, and the neighbourhood was ablaze with lights and song. All the women were decked off in glittering sari's of greens and golds. My friend has six sisters, four blood relations and two adopted ones. I could imagine someone getting a kick out of seeing them lined up together and watching the East Indian/Spanish/Chinese ethnic groups in all of them. Family Heritage in this country is a convoluted tale...but the end results are beautiful to look at!

The principle Goddess in the celebration is Mother Lakshmi. Which is apt. The Deyas which light the streets and yards symbolize light over darkness, good over evil. Mother Lakshmi herself, sits on a Lotus Flower, which is another symbol of triumph over adversity, conquering darkness etc.

The food was great too...all vegetarian.  The six seater table was occupied several times as batch after batch of people sat and ate.
The fireworks, the fun snaps and the starlites all added to the air of festivity......I wonder if I should light up my house next year???

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