Saturday, November 13, 2010

Comments on Moruga

Sometime I feel like I am living in a dream. Sometimes I cannot believe the mind set of people.
Recent events published in our Daily Express tell of a a school on our island, whose female students are being possessed/attacked by Spirits. To their credit, the Express also published comments by psychologists who indicated that it seemed like a Mass Hysteria Phenomenon. To which I agree. This is a mixed school, how is it that only the girls are affected?

Lets put common sense into this. Young girls are extremely influenced by the other women around them. There has been a growing movement among some sectors to "ready their flock for Spiritual Warfare." The idea is being put into people's minds that there is evil all around them, waiting to attack them. The mind is such, that whenever it decides to latch on to an idea, it will constantly seek out all points to confirm the idea. It will deliberately ignore any things seen as good, and dismiss them as the exception to the norm.

Added to which, we have some really unscrupulous Pastors in Trinidad and Tobago who play on the fears of the superstitious public, and gather their flock from which they get their 10% a month. These men/women, literally FEED the fear...and benefit from it.

It is amazing to my, how many people let their mind be controlled by fears of "Spirit Attack" and forget the fundamental principle that we, MAN, is spiritually stronger than anything out there. "Spirit" is a Behavioural Meme. One idea being adopted by a highly imaginative influential mind, making an assessment based on information she was given.

Those children do need prayer, if only to serve the purpose to calm them, but they also need good counselling, and not by a Pastor or anyone who would perpetrate the idea that spirits are attacking them.

This "obeah" nonsense, as the blame for everything inexplainable, has got to stop, simply because people who practice their pagan faiths are being seen as evil. Rather, the distinction should be made against those who use their faith with the intention of harming others. There are also people who pray Psalms from the Bible asking for harm and retribution on people.
People who practice faiths differently are not evil, people who perpetuate the idea that they are in order to gain followers or benefit from it in some way are.
Come on people, let us see where the real danger lies...and that is in what ever nonsense is being fed to these impressionable girls, that nonsense is screwing up their minds.


Anonymous said...

Amen. Many of these girls were either pentecostals or seventh day adventists. Pentecostals at least are quite keen on finding demons anywhere and everywhere so they can engage in what they call "spiritual warfare" against extreme evils such as "liming and drugs (ie. smoking marijuana...ahhhh!).

These girls are well versed in these evangelical protestant versions of morality, which have been shouted at them by pastors and parents. Now most of these girls are not white as snow--many are sexually active, drink, etc.

Evangelical Christian versions of morality create a bifurcated personality, split between an ideal of being good (no lustful thoughts, no drugs, etc.)and the reality of being human and young. Sexual thoughts do not make one evil, but the repression of sex and the unwillingness to talk openly and honestly about it creates pedophilia and bad sex.

With this strict black and white morality, all immoral acts, which most humans commit at some point in time, become the fault of demons rather than discerning human agents. This version of morality is convenient, but ultimately erases the responsibility each human has for their actions. The result is a split personality, leading to rampant hypocrisy--all things we can see in everyday life here.

FeatherStone said...

I fully agree with this article and comment, esp since I have personal experience.
I entered the Pentecostal faith as a teenager, after a traumatic sexual experience. After that, I struggled with this new need to totally repress my sexuality and deal with what i had experienced. My pastor's response to my struggles was to declare i had a sexual demon and carry out an exorcism on me, at my house.
So I know personally how easy it is for those girls to convince themselves of being demoniacally possessed.