Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tropical Storm Tomas....we were missed again

Tracking Tomas

The link will take you to Tomas.
Its gone northward, thank goodness. Many people are complaining that the authorities made much ado about nothing. I for one am glad that they did. Storms can turn at a moments notice.

The night was extremely still, no breezes at all, and not too warm. But the sun shone brightly in a blue sky this morning, amid reports of high winds and rain in Barbados, an island nearby.

There is a local saying : "God iza Trini"  we have rarely been hit by a Tropical storm, so much so that the last heavy storm I remember is as a child, probably three or four years old, and sleeping under my bed hearing the winds batter our little home.

On to Saturday.......and Halloween Parties tonight!

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