Thursday, September 30, 2010

One year more today

Haven't blogged for a while because I have been thinking about my future goals, and where I have come from to where I am heading.
Ironically, with all my wish for a life transformation (the kind of OMG! event that really has your life change) I am at heart a home body. My birthday present list runs more along the line of experiences...things are only temporary....experiences cause growth and stay with you. Some of the experiences I would like to have are:

1) The feeling of being a Sweepstakes Winner
2)The feeling of accomplishing something huge
3) The feeling of contributing to a great shift in the mental perception of some issue
4) The feeling of having the freedom to go wherever, whenever and not be bound my obligations, responsibilities and duties for a while..(Vacation away from home?)

I had set out this year to make these my to do list, however I have not accomplished even one. Number 2 is a possibility this year or early next year.
Still working on learning to "Think only what I wish to experience," and that is by far a most difficult task.

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