Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dark Moon Banishing Spell

Several issues came up which had me in a mental magickal analysis recently. A conbination of unwarrented fears, and headaches, and gossipy stories by former co-workers led me to take a quiet moment to do some inner work.

Having gone through a period of unexplainable "dumbness"...I mean three weeks of feeling utterly stupid...brain fog, lack of clarity, and just....well, unable to rouse my connection with the Goddess for reading, and creating.....awfull.
Some gossips in the office let out that two former co-workers had assumed that because I was a witch, I had cast a hex on them. Taking steps to protect themselves they went to a local "obeah man" to "wuk a zeppy" on me to protect themselves.

Well......of all the stupid.....anyway......I have far better things to do with magcik than to use it against someone. I would rather, in any competitive station, do the spell to boost my performance-psych up my mind- to be able to achieve my goals. I don't like interfering with the free will of any being, physical or otherwise. Thats my personal decision. Read into it what you wish.

So.......for cautions sake I decided to wait for the Dark moon to do a banishing spell, which would cover all bases.
9th June 2010 - Moon was in I decided to throw in another anxiety I had about poverty...for good measure.
NOTE: Always phrase you spells in the present. Always make the wording read that it is already so.
Other points: You can burn a black candle to banish negative energies, but burn a white candle after to fill the void. Or do what I do and use a white candle anyway.

So I lit a white candle, and a stick of incense and chanted the spell while circling my hand over the candle flame in a widdershins direction.


"Poverty is no longer here
Anxiety now disappears
My mind no longer holds a fear
Dark Moon hears my prayer"

While doing this I also had visualizations of each are of negativity leaving my mind as balls of glowing darkness....they flew off into the night, and I mentally sent a shot of energy to blow them up and diffuse them. A child like creative mind to deal with these silly things really works I have found.

A week later, there is a firey energy within me, work duties are clear as a bell, planning skills are so energy is positive.
Must remember to repeat a banishing spell to clear any discord during the dark moon. Just incase any other person jumps to conclusions about me.

Frankincense - 1 Pound Bag

Best Incense for banishing spells.

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