Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Relations

How do you handle a person who is supposed to be your guide and encouragement, but instead seems to delight in unsettling your peace of mind, or making you believe that your life is all wrong?

How do you handle a parent who seems to take delight in gloating when things go wrong with you?
How do you handle it when, whenever you are happy, they seem to want to ensure that you are rocked from your secure place?

This is definately a toxic relationship. No matter who the person is, anyone who fits this pattern cannot possibly have your best interest at heart.

The attempt to put distance between myself and this person has failed many a time. I have almost reached the stage of asking this person not to come near me again. The only thing is that I fear I may be over-reacting.

Again, I am reminded that my emotions are my own. It is my own fault that I allow this person to unsettle my peace-of-mind. It is my own fault that I allow this person to control my emotions.

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