Thursday, April 8, 2010

Elemental Magick - Air Magick - Clarity Spell

Meditation Clarity Spell
This spell requires at least half an hour. Do this exercise after a ritual bath or shower.

You need
4 small ceramic saucers
4 charcoal blocks
Frankincense grains, Air incense or incense sticks
Cushion –yellow and purple preferably

Prepare charcoal blocks and place in saucers. Cleanse your ritual space, marking your ritual circle.
As you sit/ kneel in the center of your circle, face the east and mark the symbol of the element AIR. In the center of the symbol, place a saucer and while sprinkling the incense onto the charcoal block say:
AIR cleans
AIR clears
Clarity is here

Face South. Mark the symbol for Fire. Place the saucer in the center, sprinkle your incense and say:
FIRE cleans
FIRE clears
Clarity is here

Do the same with WATER and EARTH, marking each symbol to the west and north respectively; changing the chant each time.
When all the incense is lit, sit in the center of your circle. Close your eyes and visualize the AIR saucer and the incense burning. Visualize the incense clearing away any disruptive THOUGHTS, till your vision is one pale yellow screen. When you can visualize this clean yellow colour, turn to the south.
Facing south, visualize all the disruptive PASSIONS being cleared away by the incense smoke, until all that can be visualized is a clear red screen. Nothing but pure FIRE energies can exist in your body, only passions for the good of all.

Do the same for WATER (west) and EARTH (north), again visualizing all the disruptive EMOTIONS, and MATERIEL distractions being cleared away by the incense smoke to leave a clear blue and citrine colours respectively.
Go through each element again if needed, until all the colours visualized are clear.
Continue to meditate for as long as you wish. Thank your deity for the power to do this for yourself.
Open your circle, and clean up.

I usually finish this with some Clarity Tea, which I would post in another blog.

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