Thursday, April 15, 2010

Air Magick -Clarity Tea

Every so often I experiment with teas and throw together two or three plants into a brew.

 The intent behind creating the tea is always at the back of my mind, and I try to find ingredients with that purpose. Thus Clarity Tea was born one day when I was feeling hot, harrassed and my mind was all over the place.
What does this have to do with AIR MAGICK? Well mental processes are usually associated with AIR. When my mind was all scattered, I did think of doing a spell, and thought I'd better just create the tea instead.

So sip this brew when you feel the need for a cool, calm head which is open to the ALL. I find it is good for meditation, clarity and increasing intuition. It relaxes the body, but the mind remains clear.

Ingredients (makes three cups)

1 quarter cup of grated carrot
1 quarter cup of basil leaves washed and loosely packed
four cups of water

Bring water to a boil and add Basil and Carrots. Immediately turn down heat to the lowest flame and allow to simmer for one minute.
Stir Deosil and chant three times:

My mind's connection clear
My direction's clear
In the All's knowledge I share

My mind is calm and clear
My intuition here
In the All's knowledge I share

Use after AIR spells or New Moon Spells


AnKo said...

Thanks! What incense would you recommand to energize the Air while drinking this infusion?Thought about HEcate incense but i'm not sure....Blessings )O(

Celtic Crystal said...

Incense is Air....any one you like would do!!!