Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your Goddess concept

Being Pagan/Magick worker, I am allowed to pick the god or goddess which will be suitable to assist with my goals. But what happens when there are no gods/goddesses in our spiritual heritage which fits the deity that I need for my goals? Can I create one on my own?

After some searching I believe that the answer is yes.

Gods and Goddesses are archetypes. I believe that they are a combination of fractual energies combined. So I wish to experiment with creating my own deity.
I cannot see myself working on a spell which requires generosity, when the goddess that I work with never has that trait. No....I believe that you should also identify who the goddess is....and their characteristics.

I am in the process of creating a goddess archetype who is generous...... one who delights in giving huge gifts of unbelievable proportions. One who gives "-fantastic gifts at Christmas just to see the look on their faces" generous.

Lets see how this goes.

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