Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spiritual Explorations of a Different Kind part 2

Avatar-the Last Airbender

A few years back some college boys from the USA "created" a character called The Avatar, who was a little boy, a least in this life. He was a reincarnated spirit of a long line of AVATARS whose spirit returned to Earth every one thousand years to assist the Human Race through a difficult trial period. Pointing out the similarity between that and Hindu philosophy which has a "god" descend to Earth every thousand years is another blog all together.

Any who, my point was just to observe this cartoon series in its brilliant exploration of this little boy of simple origin, with the knowledge and power to become great, but needed to experience the human condition as the "key" to unlock these special abilities. His Spirit has been here several times before, but his body, and his talents shift depending on the task he needs to perform in this incarnation.

Avatar the Movie

Then there was this Movie, Avatar. In this movie, (besides the other themes which are screaming at me to discuss but will be at a later blog) the conciousness of the individual is transfered to another body which is more suitable to do the job which is required. Thats all I would say about this movie which is relevant to this blog's theme. (So tempting.....)


This third one, Surrogates explores the type of world where we are able to choose our bodies. The physical appearance of the individual is dictated by their desires.n How ever, in losing themselves in these surrogates, the individual loses touch with what it means to be Human.

These are just three movies which address this theme of the Avatar.....the idea that the physical body in temporary, interchangeable,and that the individual actually resides in its own conciousness and not in the physical body.

The message is simple. We are not our bodies. Our bodies are simply the vessel in which we travel this life. Our true selves lie in our conciousness which remains regardless of which body and which lifetime we are currently engaging in. What is new in the Movie Avatar and Surrogates is that we can actually choose to change the body in our current incarnation, and experience different realities in one lifetime.

This idea is found throughout many writings in theosophy, magick and occult studies. That our physical body is actually created by our conciousness is one theme which can be founf in tibetian writings, christian theology, Magickal philosophy etc.
That we are spiritual beings which incarnated several times to grow spiritually is another. That we evolve at every incarnation, and what we are given in each incarnation are the tools we need to learn the lessons we need at that incarnation.

That we are spiritual beings, learning lessons in each life; collecting these lessons in our inner conciousness, and that we know more at each incarnation than we are aware of.

This is how the majority of the Human race is able to explore spiritual themes these days, through books, film and media. Those individuals who can, tap into the evolutionary stages of spirit, and present the ideas to the mainstream for their exploration. Those who see past the entertainment factor are elevated in spirit.
Now imagine if we could go through eternity retaining some of the memories or skills from previous lives? Or, perhaps we can, before we die, decide who we want to be in our next life? Suppose we do have this power, and never used it simply because it never dawned on us?

And this is my brain going off on a tangent again...........

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