Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The ritual of stagnating yourself.

With exuberance, many people jump into witchcraft feet first eyes open and learn all the ways to perform the correct ritual, the perfect spell, and learn how to do it with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their backs.

They challenge each other about whether air should be in the west or east, or north, and which incense is the correct one for what etc etc. If you are so bent on perfecting the ritual by the books you are reading, then Magick will never help you, neither will Wicca, witchcraft or any other spiritual path for that matter.

Lets take a look back in time. Imagine if you will, that we have no thinkers of scientific theory. What would life be like without the wheel, without running water, education, internet?

The human race is constantly evolving, changing and developing. The individual, led my their minds also constantly changes and develops. Life becomes difficult when we struggle against it due to lack of acceptance or inability to accept changes. There is no benefit to us in stagnating ourselves.

Indeed, when we decide to clamp down barriers in our minds, like say refusing to consider that alternate rituals are possible; we are committing to ourselves the greatest injustice. You would not like anyone to put you in a 10" square room and order you to live out your life there. Why then, do you put your mind in a limiting position and want to stay there?

Our minds should always remain open. Our thoughts and desires are allowed to change. Its what Free Will is for. Its the ability to think "Where can I grow?" next and continue to make changes in lifestyle until your are happy in yourself. Life is about experiences, and if you desire an experience in an area...and can see you will grow from it, why hold yourself back?

Magick only works if you can relate to it. Which is why you have to know yourself. No sense doing a cleansing ritual using salt when the granules make you feel dirty. Your attempt is to condition your mind. Thats what the rituals are for- to condition your mind into believing that it is so, your are clean. Follow your gut, take your first instincts with something and use it. Remember always, that you are developing a system for you and you alone. Yes coven work helps, but your personal system is the best for you. Practice, change, adjust, use what pops into your mind.

Learn everything, try it out. Then throw the whole thing out the door and go with your on your in your own.

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