Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cocyea Broom (Cocoyea)

And that's what a Cocyea Broom looks like.
Its made from the fronds (leaves ) of the Coconut Tree. The individual leaves are stripped leaving just the spine and all the cocyea are tied together in a thick bunch to make a broom. You can hold it in your hand or you can make it more like a besom by adding a long broom handle to the center of the bunch just before you tie.

Cocyea broom lore really centers around its use in cleansing, especially sweeping out the less desirable energies that might be lurking around. It is regular;y used in the Caribbean for regular cleaning, especially for sweeping out carpets when you don't have a vacuum handy, or for sweeping your yard clean.

There are "jokes" and whispers about it being a good spirit cleanser, and depictions of "beating" a possessed individual with one come to mine in some circles.

Having been "beaten" myself by the many " it have to be so, and only so is correct" ideas that pervade this country, I thought it apt to name the blog thus. It really assists in cleansing my mind of the limiting thinking that usually follows anyone who rigidly follows anything. I cannot follow anyone or anything for long. And I hope no one reading this blog takes anything word for word.

Cleansing yourself and ridding your person of things, thoughts and ideas that you no longer need is always important. Hanging on to baggage only weighs you down. And weight prevents you from flying.

Every ritual or spell that you do requires you to cleanse your work area. You can create your own enjoyable Cleansing Ritual, which would be the first step to all your spells and rituals. Make your own broom, besom, cocyea broom. Tie it with a ribbon or fabric which depicts your usual workings (see colour associations), and create your own Cleansing Chant.

Widdershins I cleanse my space
For to work my magick
Any beasties left about
for them it would be tragic!

(my favourite...said while sweeping widdershins about the work area. I like to work like a mad cackling witch who has gone nuts. Mwhahahaha)
You can also light inscense and chant the same chant.

Blow away the beasties dear
Cleanse my space of dread
the uninvited in my space
Will get a blown up head!

You get the general idea.....don't make lightly with unwanted spirits, make sure they stay out of your mental space always, and your magick space as well.

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