Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mass energies for spellworking

Come Monday the moon will be waxing in Pisces. It will still be in Pisces on Tuesday too. This would be a good time to spellwork for enhanced psychic ablilities, telepathy, and the inspiration of new music. It is also good for empowerment, and clarity.

Usually when spellworking, you raise energies by yourself or in a group throught meditation, dancing, spinning or any exhilarating movement. But on Monday and Tuesday, thousand of people on our island would be exhilerated themselves, raising energies as they dance through the streets in our Carnival.
I am trying to create a spell, using these energies, which would benefit all. The most needed spell for this island would be empowerment, as many people feel trapped by crime, lack of opportunity, and lack of vision. Fear of everything new and different abounds, and really, removing the fear requires a waning moon.

For those who wish to create a spell themselves, and chant to the beat of a soca tune as thousands dance close to you, you can imagine the energy as red light being given off as they "jump-up".
I think I will create a magick dust of earth, bay-leaf and red glitter, and summon some Mars energy to bring empowerment to our people. I still have to create the appropriate chant.

But the ethics has me I interfearing with free will in asking for empowerment? Perhaps I am. Perhaps it is not for me to make that judgement. Perhaps I'd be better off spellworking for me alone.

Well..... in that case I'd prefer to work for clarity, and clairvoyance.

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