Thursday, February 18, 2010

At the Crossroads

I feel like I am in the center of this picture. But honestly , there are a few more roads in my mind.
I am here, where I am supposed to be always, but feeling for the first time a sense of expansion, and opportunity. I feel larger than I have ever been before. I can spiritually pivot on one foot, and turn in all directions and cannot find the path to take which seems exciting. I am only talking about inner mental journeys here, please note that. Nothing which I used to explore anymore seems magickal. The sparkle of the inner has been lost a bit, and I know why.

There is someone, who keeps me in tune with the outer world. That someone is bent on living this life with as much fun as he can possibly have. His boyish good looks, and his zest for life and all the experiences it can offer; has pulled my inner child out facing the world to see what's there on the outside to be experienced.
On the outside, I am holding his hand and skipping down the pathway to happy experiences. Life with him is "rich" in experiences. Life is fun again, new again...and there is magick on the outside of my mind again.

So internally I am at a crossroads, and I will pause for a spell- because externally I may be prancing down some new reality holding the hand of someone I love.

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