Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too Much Light?

A magickal collegue of mine once brought up the idea that too much light healing could be harmful to our triple aspect state of mind-body-spirit.
I am currently reading a book called The Field written by Lynne McTaggart, which has an interesting chapter on Beings of Light which seems to support her views. One chapter highlights the work of a scientist called Fritz-Albert Popp who, along with his students, was able to create a machine which measure light rays emmitting from living things. What he found seems to suggest that the light in any being must maintain a certain balance, or the body “drowns” in light.
I quote some of the text from The Field:

Popp showed in his experiments that these weak light emissions (biophoton emmissions) were sufficient to orshestrate the body. The emmissions had to be of low intensity because these comminications (between cells) were occuring on a quantum level, and higher intensities will be felt only in the world of the large.

The more he tested, the more he discovered that all living things-from the most basic of plants or animals, to human beings in all their sophisticated complexity-emitted a permanent current of photons, from only a few, to hundreds. The number of photons being emitted seemed to be linked to an organism's position on the evolutionary scale.

Emissions seemed to follow other natural rhythms;.......as though the body were following the world's biological rhythms as well as its own.

In experiments done on unhealthy patients, Popp found that cancer patients had lost these natural rhythms, as if they had lost connection the the world at large. Their lines of communication were scrambled. In fact, their light was going out.
Popp further discovered that just the opposite- too much light- seemed harmful to humans.Testes on patients with Multiple sclerosis showed that these individuals were taking in too much light, and this was inhibiting the cells ability to do their jobs. MS patients were drowning in light.

Perfect coherence in the cells, at the optimum level, was a balance between chaos and order.

Herein lies a case for my friend's spiritual sessions on Healing with Darkness.

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