Friday, November 20, 2009

Sorcerers Mind

Reading a text called Sorcery by J. Finley Hurley. I love how he lays out the state your mind can acheive, and its link with magick. He presents it in an almost scientific form, which removes any aspect of emotion or fear. As a matter of fact, if the book were republished under a different heading, its almost not a sorcery book at all....
Any way...some interesting points so far gathered from the book:

- To ask what Magick can do, is to ask what the unconcious can do -

- The brain transforms a barrage of non descript electrical impulses into our diverse experiences of space, form, substance, colour, sound. At the level of the nerve, there is no difference between the impulses-

My thought: Can the brain be reprogrammed to read certain impulses in a different way? Lets say for example, your magickal goal was to obtain a new car. Keeping positive that the car was arriving any minute is key to the magick being successful. What is, in your mind, the sound of a bird transalates into "the car will be here soon" thereby keeping your mind in a positive state about the outcome. Can your brain be taught only positive response from even perceptually negative events?

- Einstien's experiments show that matter can be converted to energy, and vice versa. At the sub atomic level energy and matter are essentially the same.-

My thought: Then what is the link, the key, the point when the vibration in energy decides when a thing is a specific thing? Like the energy vibrated by a dog, or cat. And at that point, how come we are not able mentally to shift the vibration to transform the dog into a cat, or even ourselves into a cat. If matter is neither created or destroyed but can be shifted from one state to another...then we should be some point to find that particle's vibration which determines the outcome materially, and have the option to manipulate it.

My Thought two : Magick holds that like energy attracts like energy. Your perspective generates a particular kind of energy, which attracts confirming energies from your surroundings. How can you decide what you want your outcome to be, and hold that vibration until it is achieved?

- Von Nueman postulated that the concept of objective reality had evaporated. Only subjective reality remains, or something beyond description-

My thought: Truth is then relative- relative to the past experience of the believer, and their objective in the need to believe it.

Our experience of truth is resting solely on these two ideas, and the belief of the individual minds surrounding us, who have had the same ideas programmed into them. We see this on a most basic level when looking at the cultural norms of a people. What is considered taboo in one culture, is considered acceptable in another.

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