Friday, October 30, 2009

Prayer for Inspiration

Spirit Flight - Samantha Rochard, acrylic on canvas

Inspiration. I need inspiration. I need to feel the connection with the All aagain and free my mind from the grip of Ariel.
I feel the trap of routine and limits to my goals.
I feel the weight of manifestation and the chains placed by our descent through the veil.

I wish to fly, yet my wings feel clipped and heavy
And my mind has not soared the heights with you in months.
Are you there?
Do you miss the flights we had, you and me, alone through the ether
peeping at creation unfolding and seeing the messages which must be made?
Do you wait for me goddess, your wings beating gently atop that purple point where ideas come?

Goddess, has our connection be broken? Have you flown off I search of a new daughter?
Take me Goddess, show me the sights which are yet to be created
Show me the colours and patterns I am to weave
My Craft a gift of sight into the All

Show me what needs to be seen by mankind that I may scribe your message
In colours and shape and form.

Show me again how to cast out my thoughts and let go of the earth
And fly
Show me Goddess, that link again
That holy link between you and I.


W.A said...

your Goddess hasn't abandoned you...
you've just wandered away and lost sight of her....she awaits

Celtic Crystal said...

Aye..indeed she didn't just working with another medium