Friday, October 2, 2009

Magickal Mind

I am currently struggling with a two relationship models which I have to chose from. I would love to make up my mind soon, but my mind is preventing me from doing just that. Like any other girl in my generation I was brought up with the Prince Charming scenario, where the Prince rescues the Princess from her tormented issues and whisks her off into happily ever after land.

I must admit that in my last three relationships, I was waiting to be rescued. There was this energy of "waiting for the Prince" in order to live my life and be a whole person.
Unfortunately, that paradigm did not work really. Because, in today's world, I cannot seem to tolerate Princes who refuse to grow....and eventually conflict arises...and I part ways with them.

So recently, having done the same thing, met up with the Uncles and Aunties who were quick to dole out advice about what I was doing wrong, and what I should do next. I hear their relationship model....but they too admit that the traditional one does not work either. There was lamentation, that women want their own lives and their own homes and do not wish to get married anymore....and indeed I must obviously hate men because of my experiences.

So..... my model has not worked for me for the last three relationships, and even though they insist I must now follow their model- that does not ring true for me either- and not one of them can admit to being completely happy.

I think I'd better stick to my model, because I have been through it and can perfect its shortcomings.....while their model seems like a prison sentence to me.

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