Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dance of the mind

Celtic Crystal Avatar - Rose Spinne

Can I play with madness a little and frolic in the sun of my mind?
Can I open the gates of Darkness, and see what treasures I find?
Can I give time to eternity, and feed it with seconds past?
Can I throw death into forever, to see how long it would last?

Can I tug the Golden Threads of thought and pull a few to me?
May I cook up a fairytale, and feed it to reality?
Can I twist the bonds of truth so far that lies seem real to me
May I open up your mind a bit and full it with my fantasy?

These things I wish to do and yet,some reason I do not dare,
To unleash that inner side of me, I do not wish to scare
the ones I love. But dark and light are two sides of the same coin.
Can I open up a club to my mind? If I do, will you join?

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