Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why am I a witch?

Which is a good question. What was the path I took which led me to here? Why have I chosen this?
I do not see myself as Wiccan. Wicca was a launching pad which got me here. Wicca has limitations. What is it exactly that I practise? I would call it a thought process...I can say I am teaching myself to think in a way which is empowering and beneficial to myself and my goals.

Why am I forcing myself to learn this? Because I hate the words no..and "it cannot be done" and for all the times that I thought, "why the hell not?"

I knew from early that I had a problem with the word "No." and no irked me most when the experience of the thing was so tempting, and I was not allowed to experience it. Mind you, nothing I wanted to experience was drugs, no wild sex no guns....but gathering information about different lifestyles has always intrigued me. I want to see another thought stream, another lifestyle. Eventually I would see the limitations in them and begin to seek further. Put me in any system, and I would see the limitations and begin to push past them.

The mental state involved in being a Witch...a real honest to goodness one....has you in a state of "all is possible". The only thing which is impossible are the things YOUR mind tells you is impossible. And has that conclusion of impossibility been reached because you have tried and failed? Or is it just that the fears of those who have gone before have told you that it is impossible? Then, how do you change this point of view and change your belief?

Every individual is connected to the All Creative. All our thoughts come from the same source. If you think something, it is because it is time to create it and make it manifest for the greater long as it harm none. If you don't create it, then someone else who hones into that same channel will. It is meant to be created. The only thing that limits the individual, is their inability to believe that it can be done by them.

Being a Witch teaches you that all things are possible. The only thing that limits you, is you. And when you reach that mental state where spells no longer need the runes, and cards and herbs.....when you can sit quietly in your space and will a thing, or better yet you can zone out the psychic babble which surrounds you and center yourself, and will the thing.....then you know you are on the right path to creating a higher you.

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