Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to the Beginnings

The Elders at Witchschool did caution that the learning curve would actually be a spiral. After a feverish frenzy of reading and getting lost in conflicting views, I have come back to the beginning. Am I a witch? If not...then what am I? What exactly do I believe. Here begins the discriminatory process of identifying those thigs that work, and chucking those things that I do not identify with.

One thing I agree with is the Quantum element. The theory that whatever you believe will be confirmed by the do you want to believe?

I begin a new journey with study on the morning ritual. I am in the process of creating my own morning ritual, encorporating the elements, and specific sounds and movements to greet the day. My ritual should speak of gratitude, harmony with the Universe and acceptance that it knows what is the best direction for me to take....

I begin again.

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life Before Her Eyes said...

Sigh. I understand how you may have been feelign when you posted this, I'm going through this same thing too. It's confusing but it's what we call the ride of life :D Just go with the flow and go where your passion takes you :D