Friday, January 30, 2009

My Magick is better than yours!

Right….so Young Lady White Magician keeps sending messages to my Facebook persona with the tenacity of a little child who has a secret to tell.
“I practice Magick” She confides.
“Oh”, I retort….”
“White Magick, not black Magick”, she responds.

Little does she know that this is dead giveaway number one that she has not been practising for long. Magick, being a tool, cannot be good or bad. It just is. Your use of it is the “good / bad” issue. Like using a knife to cut the food to feed your family, or using same knife to kill a person.

“I am in a lodge” she confides again.

Dead giveaway number two. Lodge members are not supposed to divulge that they are lodge members. Only newly recruited neophytes with egos all out of wack will let loose such information.

At this point I feign surprise that there are still lodges here. But then my ego gets the better of me as her whole conversational direction screams that somehow she things she is better than others in the group.

So like the mischevious devil that I am, I respond “Perhaps then, you could give me more information on the “Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram?”

The silence that is there for a while is punctuated by the blipping cursor on the chat screen.

“Heavy stuff there.” She answers. “Don’t you have any books to read about it?”

“Been there done that.” I respond…. “ Really though, have they began any classes on the local plant associations?”

“Oh, we don’t do that.” She replies “ Our magick is much higher than that.”

Dead giveaway number three. Lodges teach magick slowly, grade run from 0=0 then proceed slowly to 1=9, 2=8, and continue. No one has ever reached the end. At some point the instruction switches from the psychopomp rituals that the neophytes experience, to real magick which involves learning associations from Crowley’s Liber 777, and combining it which Enochian Magick, which I was never partial too. This she obviously did not know.
There was more to the conversation, but lets leave it here.

I logged off and left it at that. One of the things they warn you about when you begin Magick is exactly what Young Lady White Witch is experiencing. The Ego Trip. The “I am better than you because I practice Magick and you don’t know what you are doing” behaviour.

Ms. YLWW better check her swelling ego, or she will never go from Neophyte to Zelator level, at least not if the Lodge Master are even worth their 5=5 grades.

Blessed Be Guys, Blessed Be.

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life Before Her Eyes said...

Scary. The ego is a really dangerous thing isn't it?