Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"My father is a christian, My Mother is a nothing"

So my son goes to a private Catholic School, with nuns and the like, right next to a chapel none the less. The issue of First Communion came up. He absolutely refused to do the ceremony. Says he a christian...... I let him be. The nun corners me in the school car park to protest that I was not doing my parental duty by insisting that he do the First Communion thing. She asked " Your son says that his father is a born again Christian and his mother is a nothing. What does he mean by that?"

Funny, the convent upbringing just hit me right in the face and I went into Pavlov mode. "Sidestep the question." says the good me.. "Tell her you are a witch!" says the bad me.

I shrugged and made some lame excuse about following his father's (ex-husband actually) wishes.

I couldn't understand Maddonna. Guy Ritchies complained that she didn't allow her kids to celebrate Christmas. In my house we celebrate darn near everything. The island we live on is multi-ethnic, and there are holidays for every religious or ethnic group. That helps. My household has one witch/neo pagan whatever; two born again Christians, one sort-of-Catholic; one who is too young to decide and one nothing. My Catholic baptised son is experimenting with Dragon Magick.....although he doesn't know it.....he was born in the year of The Dragon and that has stuck in his head. He believes he has powers......he knows more than he realises.

My point is that if I, or any parent for that matter wish to follow a spiritual path, then we should understand that our children too may not wish to follow that same path. We should respect that, just as much as we wanted people to respect our choices. We make the excuse that our children are too young to know better. They are not. They have been given the same tools to make that decision as we have, and that's spirit. Their desire to experience something, stems from their desire to have growth of that spirit. Desires and experience take one down a path of spiritual growth. Even if it leads to a decision to change paths, or continue. Its Growth, and this is needed for learning about yourself truly.

So we celebrate Christmas, because Santa encourages them to wish for their hearts desires. This may transalate in later life to set goals...and keep life alive. (Even though I was sorely tempted by the black Christmas Tree balls this year) I think life on this island is too limited for me to limit them from their hearts.............

Blessed Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Eid, Happy Kwaanza, and all the other festivities we celebrate.

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