Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Magick as a tool for Self Transcending Self

In an attempt to transcend yourself/ mind, a practice of magick can be adopted, which would rewire the brain and create a different paradigm to the one previously held. (in your mind).

Our current mental flux, which emanates around this island, creates a “net of consciousness” which has the capability of trapping other individuals who seek to transcend the “net” and their individual minds.

Each Self here is bound by thought patterns and programs, which create the paradigm by which we operate. This is passed on from generation to generation. Our core beliefs about what is, or what is not possible have been stamped and sealed in our minds; and almost nothing that we have learnt speaks to ourselves. We have been programmed in our behaviour and our beliefs. We have been programmed into the “we culture” and “ we ting.”

A friend of mine pointed this out recently. Being from another country, he is not bound by the paradigm placed on us Trinidadians. The reaction and behaviour of Trinidadians is often perplexing to others. The inability to rise above their mental limits is a curious thing. Conversations and behaviour most often have a scripted quality.

In all countries, there are cliques and stereotypes. Individuals attempt to conform to a group, which is closest to their purpose. However, the difference on a small island is that there are a limited number of cliques, limiting the number of choices, which can create a local relative meaning (local to the Self) for an individual. The cliques create their own conscious net, and only very few strong willed individuals can pull away. Almost none of these strong willed individuals are successful in creating a completely new paradigm or clique.

That being said, magick is a useful tool, which allows the individual to rewire his/her brain to transcend personal paradigm/ reality.
According to the author of the blog “Exemplum Stupendous”, magick allows for a new operating system to be introduced into the mind. This system challenges all the previously held beliefs, which the Self held as “Truth.”

It is important though, that the individual recognises those things, which his/her mind responds to, and use them to create a believable dogma or system for the purpose of achieving Self’s goals.

The Self needs to recognise the statements which held them from belief. For example, if the goal is to get a car, and the goal is not forthcoming, then there is a negative belief at the core preventing the flow of energy in Self’s observer created Universe. It is a difficult thing to realize; to purposely change your own beliefs. But it can be done. More on this will be discussed later.

It is absolutely possible, that all the associations, tools listed in Magick to shift belief (paradigm) do not register as “truth” for the individual.
Many of us, in searching for Magick do not ever sift through the wrappings of ceremony and associations to realize that we need to create our own associations. Many practioners and Wiccans would tell you that intuition is more valuable to your mind than regurgitated readings. Intuition; is the thin Golden Thread of thought, which has the beginnings of real belief.

Austin Spare said many times that the system of Magick he created was valid only to his Self. This does not mean that we throw out things and lessons practiced by those gone before. Rather, we absorb, experiment, learn the thing well, and then break all the rules and make our own. Magick needs to speak to you, not to be believed by anyone else. Be as silly and as creative as you wish to be. If you wish to wear a pair of pink fairy wings to create the belief in transcendence, then so be it.

You can find whatever tools are needed.
Listen to your Self.

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