Monday, December 8, 2008

Living with Magick

Another day where my mind feels very scrambled.

I feel as if the Universe is changing, and my mind is adjusting to suit. It is a very real thing embracing your magickal energies. I knew they were there, I just didn't know how to use them.

And now, with my intense reading and studying last year, I have the basics required to speak to my energies. I am now learning to adapt the things I have learnt and apply them to my life.

There are differences in my prayer spells........ I use no formal tools, but adapt each ritual to suit the goal. I find that when I create my own format, I can believe in my magick with conviction, and this is very important for the working of the spell. I came to this earth naked, with nothing but a connection to All Spirit, and I need nothing to connect with All Spirit but my own creativity and opening my mind.

I think the difference between mundane and the magickal is the thought of magickal when undertaking a task. Visualization when performing the task is important. Seeing the energies of your thought connecting with the keyboard and appearing on the screen. Words in your head mainifesting in reality. When you can see the power in everything is when you can use magick all the time.

Blessed be to those who read this........

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