Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Shoot Me.

Its been about two years since I have been in the Wicca movement and I would really like to get a peice of jewelry or something to be a symbolic protection device. So I have narrowed my choices down to three patterns which I like, that represent the forces I feel drawn to.
There they are; all nice and pretty pictured together.
I have two basic problems, getting any one of them, and wearing any one of them....and I shall explain.
To obtain one, I would have two options. One - Order them from overseas. and Two - Have a jeweller make one.
Option one is more feasible, if only I could be assured that it would get to me, as somehow anything other than a letter seems to dissapear from the Postal Service in our little Banana Republic. And option two, being more difficult, as I can imagine the look I would get, just asking the people here to make one. Since gossip spreads faster than melting butter on a car parked in the blazing hot sun... I could imaging the looks and refusals of the superstitious jewellers. I may get away with the triple moon pendant, but don't even think about approaching with a pentacle!
As for wearing the thing....well I would have to keep it hidden always unless I go to an art festival or a rock session.....the former which never happens here, and the latter which I am too old for.
Even though our watch words for the country are "Discipline, Tolerance and Production", I don't think that any jeweler would have enough tolerance to produce it, and the Post office workers don't have enough discipline not to steal.......
Sigh......could I make it myself I wonder.........where is my book on jewelry making?

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