Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Few Changes to the spell

SOmetimes I wonder if I actually practice Wicca. I throw so many things in, take out so many things. My rituals are a cross between play and fun and prayer. I throw my hands up if I feel like it and skippy hoppy down the purple smoke lane to the place where the goddess can hear me best.
I have no athames, and the format goes nothing like old Bucky says, but its mine. When I am done I feel refreshed, energized, and ready to get back into this world which drives me mad.
So is is Wicca? And do I care?
Not what if I have one candle? So what If I have no athame? So what if my wand is made of Guava, and not Rowan or Willow?
I read somewhere that these are only props, and thats fine. Because I cannot relate to those plants with my Caribbean Background. Coconut, Guava, and Mango....or maybe and Immortelle tree also have energies you can draw from.
And I feel the connection...........thats why I work Magick

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