Monday, December 22, 2008

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewilederd

One new online acquaintance asked me the other day if I was Wiccan, Witch or Pagan. EEErk!?
The lines are not so clearly defined for me. It got me wondering though about this thing that I practice which has no label.
I do not follow all the ritual rules that are given. I find it hard to relate to anything else other than the All, the God and The Goddess. I understand and feel the Masculine and Feminine elements. I feel the All or quintessence flowing through everything, I do practice Magick, but I write my rituals in a way that appeals to me, and each time is completely different. I "wing it" as well if something comes to me. The way I see it, is that Magick focuses on the force that is within all, using it to implant a wish or thought, and allowing it to resonate in the Astral sphere until it becomes manifest by whatever means it can.........
To me, getting caught up in which Goddess is right for the ritual, and which tool or prop to use is quite unnessary...... I resond to pictures and runes...and thats about all I use..and a few candles thrown in for good measure.
The more I read about Wicca...the more I realise that it is a combination of Golden Dawn High Magick rituals, Celtic practices and Pagan beliefs. To me its almost as if a religion was made up by wonder there is no Wicca 102 or further than beginning practice....because it never got further than that for the creators.
Since there is nothing wrong with creating, and being Spiritually creative...then I shall do just that...and follow my spirit to the drum I hear.
Magick, to me must come from the heart. It is a special gift given by the All, and only you know how to wield your tool. For this, you must learn yourself, you must know what you respond to.
So can I call this thing I do, Wicca? I don't know any more......but I know the Magick is in me, and I know I must use it.
Yule Blessings to all...... and Merry Christmas, cuz if Santa doesn't come in my house, my kids will be dpressed.

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