Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wicca 101

Just a note to Seekers. You do not need to sign on to online schools to pay to learn Wicca. There are sites that teach you for free. The Elders teach the ones who wish to learn. About the only thing usefull about the sits that ask you to pay in the free book downloads.
And just a note, to date there is no official teaching of anything further than Wcca 101. From the basics, you go on to develop your magickal talents yourself. Find your strengths and work on those. Learn more about yourself.
There are many traditions....... learn all.
Find topics about these :

History of Wicca
The Law of Three
Reincarnation and the cycle of energies
The Charge of the Goddess and God
The Pentacle
The Elements
The Cycles - Day, night, Moon cycles, Sabbats

This is enough to keep you reading for a year and a day (13 moon cycles) One topic will lead you to another and another, and then at the end of the time....only then should you begin spell working.
This is just a guide..... enjoy your time.

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