Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What THE......

I think the number one new career in this country is to become a pastor. Not a priest mind you, a "cast out your Demons" pastor. Maybe its the money?
So Son of Pastor gets me in the corridor at work and starts questioning the validity of my faith.
" Who do you pray to?"
" The Gods"
"Do they answer you?"
"Is your life in turmoil since you stopped going to church?"
"Actually, its been a lot better since I stopped going to Church and started searching for Spirituality in myself."
Son of Pastor winces at this one. "Have you given yourself to God?"

"Given.......I never removed myself...what's there to give?"

You know, the whole problem of this "Wicca is evil " thing is that people just need to be educated about it and stop worrying about the lies and misinformation that others tell them. You would never think that the priest / pastor would lie. But they do, from our point of view of course. Reality is relative, and not because a spiritual person of another faith tells you something is evil it means he is correct. He, like everyone else has been misinformed. Google the damn thing and get other opinions. There are always three sides to a story, the trick is to find the third side.

Blessed Be

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