Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What is Wicca? Part one

If you are expecting to gain power, control or manipulate people, then you do not want Wicca; you want a Hollywood movie.
People seek out Wicca for magick, and yes there is magick, but not the kind you see in Charmed or the Craft.
Wicca, to put it simply, is a nature based faith, with roots over 25,000 years old. There are basics to the Craft such as learning rituals, divination, associations, spell writing. Then there are also pantheons to learn about…and yourself, which perhaps is the most important of all.
Additionally, Wicca expects observations of Nature around you, the cycles of the earth, the seasons, the moon and again, yourself. It forces you to question what is important to your spiritual growth and you relationship with yourself.
One of the basic questions about Wiccan is always “What do you believe in?”, or “Who do you believe in?”
To begin with, there is the All. The All Creative, All spirit, or the One. Everything that exists, exists in the All. Not outside, not separate and apart, but within. This entity is everything; good and bad, male and female, animal, vegetable and mineral…the list goes on.
We are connected to the All and all things. All things have a connection to us. The only difference between us and a plant is the levels of consciousness that each has.
From the All, the One comes the division of two. These are the Male and Female principles, personified as the God and The Goddess. The God is masculine, the giver of the life principle, and is sometimes represented by the Sun and the Stars. The Goddess is the female principle, represented by the generating Earth and receptive Moon.
Wiccans believe in reincarnation. Everything is energy, has energy. Energy never dies; it is transformed into another energy. Death is the point of entry to a new life, one which there is no need to fear. The cycle of life surrounds us; we have removed ourselves from Nature and have become blind to her teachings.
Wiccan uses magick, creative prayer or spell working, to connect to the God and Goddess and other facets of the All Creative. Through Magick, each individual empowers themselves to live their fullest existence. Understanding the use of this gift is extremely important for the beginner.
These beliefs can be summed up into the following:
· The recognition of the Divine, transcending gender, acknowledging the importance of both male and female.
· Reverence to Nature and the renewing cycles of life and death.
· A positive morality summed up in the basic statement “An it harm none, Love, and do what thou wilt”
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life Before Her Eyes said...


Very informative post, provides a good place to start. The links are dead though :(

life Before Her Eyes said...

I just posted this because I thought I would emntion it here as food for thought, or maybe it would raise some interesting discussion and debate....Just my little two cents...the claim that Wicca has 'roots' dating back 25,000 I personally find that spurious because there's no evidence to support it, I was reading Raymond Buckland's 'the Wiitch Book' and based on that, it seems a lot of the stuff in Wicca is modern, created by Gerald Gardener and Doreen Valiente. Maybe Wicca was influenced by prehistoric religions but there's no evidence to support the view that Wicca has an unbroken span going back 25,000 years ago. However, I don't think this makes it any less authentic or valid as a belief system, to me there are a lot of truths and things that *work* more than in conventional religions.